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Where to Get Ice Cream

It's National Ice Cream Day!

Here are some of our favorite spots to find ICE CREAM this summer!

Fru-ta · Petaluma and Santa Rosa

This family favorite features ice cream and paletas (ice cream bars) in tropic fruit flavors and more! Favorites: Blackberry Cheese, Pine Nut, Mango Chile and Tequila. You can also get Mangonadas and other delicious ice cream desserts!

Lala's Creamery · Petaluma

Local favorite ice cream parlor is great for kids and grownups! Favorites: Grasshopper, Earl Grey Tea, Real Lemon Curd, Rocky Road

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar · Healdsburg & Santa Rosa

Great unique flavors to please everyone! Favorites: Dutch Cookie, Thai Tea, Orange Creamsicle. Pies and cupcakes too! Order online.

Petaluma Creamery · Petaluma

Get your cheese, fresh eggs and ice cream here! ABSOLUTE BEST HG: Coconut Ice Cream. You won't be disappointed. Other faves: Irish Cream and Lemon.

Kollar Chocolates Gelato on the Pavillion at V Marketplace ·  Yountville

From the Top 10 Chocolatier of North America by Dessert Professional, check out their chocolate shop and the head to the pavilion for some delicious gelato. Favorites: Tony Spumoni (chocolate, almond, pistachio), Strawberry & Meyer Lemon Sorbet

Screamin' Mimi's Ice Cream · Sebastopol

Ice cream and milkshakes at this corner shop! Favorites: Mimi's Mud, Local Strawberry, Lavender and Blueberry. Text or Call.

Sweet Scoops · Sonoma

When you smell the warm waffle cones, you'll know when you're close by! Some flavors are seasonal! Our favorites: German Chocolate, Vegan Orange Cardamon, Butter Brickle in a Waffle Cone. Online ordering!

Mariposa Ice Cream · Petaluma

Mostly wholesale, this ice cream maker offers pre-packed classics and inventive flavors favored by high end restaurants. Faves: Brandy Caramel, Orange, PB Pretzel and Cookies and Cream.

Soft Serve Honorable Mentions

Soft serves at Wicked Slush Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Sonoma, Miminashi Napa, Handline Sebastopol! If you haven't tried these, hurry and go.

Do you have a favorite spot not on our list? Let us know!



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